Heaven & Hell: The Doors of Perception

Harriet Stubbs (featuring Marianne Faithfull)
September 14, 2018
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Engineered Album, Classical
Producer of the Year, Classical
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Classical Instrumental Solo



Harriet Stubbs’ debut solo piano release is based on the concept of The Doors of Perception and a marriage of contraries. It is a presentation of Classical Music through the lens of multi-Grammy award winning producer Russ Titelman and is a reimagining of traditional classical repertoire. The album has a clear narrative running parallel to a Blakean understanding of transcendence.

In Blakean philosophy we enter life in a state of Innocence at childhood and dwell within that realm until we experience; at which point our perception is altered. The state of Experience and the journey from Innocence to Experience is mirrored by the first half of the album’s repertoire. There are clear states of innocence in the Brahms and the Chopin, there is lightness to the Stravinsky with our rearrangement of it. We enter Experience at the middle of the album with the Bach Busoni Chaconne in D minor. The rest of the album is a journey through the doors of perception to reach the Blakean state of higher innocence which is a combination of Innocence and Experience. It is a chosen realm of living, reached through the doors of perception and having removed our mind forged manacles which in this case are our perceptions of how classical music is displayed and understood. Life and death, light and dark, are here brought together and spiral around each other lifting us to our goal that is a marriage of the two contrary states of the human soul. D minor as a key is often associated with death and demonic spirit and is the key of the Prokofiev Diabolical Suggestions, yet the Scriabin reaches E major, well associated with heaven. Even geographically E major and D minor couldn’t be closer together melocially, yet harmonically are the absolute opposite. The album ends with plates that I curated to form the explanation in text that Marianne Faithfull reads over John Adam’s Phrygian Gates, the gates are being used synonymously with doors in order to take the listener through that transition. We decided that we would like Marianne on the album reading to represent the merging of genres and art forms as she is well known as an icon in the Rock world.

Classical Music is as relevant as poetry, as storytelling, and as other genres of music. This project represents that with narrative, our reader, producer, and arrangement of the Stravinsky, As an artist I have always had the vision of changing the face of Classical Music and the spaces in which it is performed in; whilst combining my love of art forms and proving how Prokofiev can be as life transforming as Rock n Roll and Pop and share their stages.

The Ancient of Days (1794)  Watercolor etching by William Blake

The Ancient of Days (1794)
Watercolor etching by William Blake




Harriet Stubbs

Harriet began playing at the age of three, performing publicly a year later. At the age of five, Harriet had a full scholarship from Elsie & Leonard Cross Memorial Foundation to the Guildhall School of Music studying under the late Professor Emeritus, Jimmy Gibb. At the age of seven, Harriet had completed Grade Eight with distinction.

Invited to play at the International Piano Festival aged eight, Harriet's "Exceptional musicianship, poise and supreme confidence" was critically acclaimed. A year later her performances of Mozart's piano concerto K414 and the Bach D minor with the Primavera Chamber Ensemble at The Rye Festival Winter Series received further recognition, leading to an hour long interview on BBC World Service, BBC Radio York and BBC Southern Counties.

Voted one of the top three pianists in Britain by Julian Lloyd Webber on ITV"s "Britain's Brilliant Prodigies", Harriet then went on to play in "Harry Potter And The Prisoner of Azkaban". In the UK Harriet studied her Undergraduate Degree with Douglas Finch and  was performing at St Martin-in-the-Fields, St John's Smith Square, St John's Waterloo, Cheltenham Recital Series, The Reform Club, St. James's Piccadilly, Castle Howard and for the Ambassador of the United States. Harriet also had the pleasure of working on BBC Maestro with Katie Derham, Radio 1 DJ Goldie and Blur bassist Alex James.

In Europe Harriet performed in Perugia (with Angela Hewitt), Valencia Spain and Cyprus for the Prime Minister on National Television.

After moving to New York City Harriet performed for The TJ Martell Foundation for whom she is an artist and volunteer, and at Carnegie Hall, The Cutting Room, Steinway Hall, Carriage House Studios, and gave a speech at The United Nations about the future of Classical Music. Harriet has just finished recording her first commercial album, produced by multi Grammy award winning producer Russ Titelman and featuring Marianne Faithful. Harriet is a Yamaha Artist.



Heaven & Hell: The Doors of Perception

01. Phrygian Gates featuring Marianne Faithful - John Adams  (6:21)

02. Rondo in A Minor K.511 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart  (9:15)

03. Prelude in C# Minor, Opus 34, No. 10 - Dmitri Shostakovich  (2:07)

04. Prelude in E Major, Opus 34, No. 9 - Dmitri Shostakovich  (0:44)

05. Prelude in E Minor, Opus 34, No. 4 - Dmitri Shostakovich  (2:27)

06. Prelude in Eb Minor, Opus 34, No. 14 - Dmitri Shostakovich  (2:02)

07. Prelude in C Minor, Opus 34, No. 20 - Dmitri Shostakovich  (0:36)

08. Tango for Piano - Igor Stravinsky, arr. Russ Titelman  (3:48)

09. Chaconne from Violin Partita No.2 in D minor, BWV 1004 - Bach-Busoni  (13:31)

10. Suggestion Diabolique, Opus 4, No. 4 - Sergei Prokofiev  (2:57)

11. Sonata No. 2, Opus 19: Mvt. 1 Andanta & Mvt. 2 Prestissimo Fantastico - Alexander Scriabin  (11:51)

12. Intermezzo in A Major, Opus 118, No. 2 - Johannes Brahms  (6:02)

13. Étude No. 5 - Arc-en-ciel - György Ligeti  (3:12)